Aureole Choir met for the first time in person and sing!

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About the choir

We do a mixture of repertoire, classical and contemporary, harmony and unison, and hold short half hour rehearsals. Members pick and choose which rehearsals they want to attend, and can take as many rehearsals ‘off’ as they like.  Don’t worry if you’re shy, as because of the time delays online we lead the choir from our home but the singers remain muted and sing in the privacy of their own home!

About the charity

Aureole Music was set up in March 2020 during the Covid-19 crisis to raise money for local charities working with the lonely and the isolated in our community on Jersey. We chose to do this by bringing together singers across the island to form the Aureole Choir, a ‘virtual’ online community choir, made up of singers from all over the island.   The name refers to the aura around the sun (which can also be called corona… but this is an altogether more pleasant corona!)

Keeping Jersey singing

We now have a dedicated YouTube channel for people living in isolation streaming familiar old songs with some local chit-chat and dedications for birthdays and big events